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2 reviews
Mitch t.
5 November 2023
This shop is awesome and the staff are great, there is even a lovely cafe out the back
16 October 2023
Nice service will use Again.. Thank you
1 review
10 October 2023
My recent experience with this establishment left me deeply disappointed due to several key issues: 1.Lack of Professionalism and Manners: The first disappointment came when I was quoted $500 over the phone for a new SLWB Hiace bonnet. However, upon my arrival, I was informed that it was $500 for a used bonnet instead. This inconsistency was disconcerting, and it set the tone for the rest of my visit. 2.Integrity Concerns: Another disheartening aspect was the discrepancy in the bonnet's
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1 review
previous c.
10 August 2023
I would never recommend Greg Willis to anyone. He was rude, arrogant and only wanted to make money. Was not a positive lawyer and would always settle for an easier outcome. Was really useless - DO NOT USE HIM AT ALL.
5 August 2023
Great first impression. Receive my delivery for a battery and they installed it for me at an affordable price. Roadside assistance at its best
1 review
John M.
12 July 2023
A big thank you to the team at Better Truck Repairs for getting me back on the road ASAP. Would highly recommend.
the i.
12 May 2023
Comment I would recommend it for vacations etc. The soup had extra crunchy rat poop in it though, but that's fine. I don't know about the staff though, they keep following me around and watching me while I sleep. I took my sister there and she went into the kitchen to tell them how bad their food was (even though I thought it was good) and never came back. I'm guessing she left me there to pay for the food, because that's what happened. Also the internet is pretty good. I took some pictures with
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1 review
3 May 2023
Terrible service! Run by kids who don't care! I Waa told they didn't deliver to my address when I'm only a 10 minute drive from them. They then agreed to deliver. I then made the order using a voucher. However, the voucher was not honoured as the price quoted was $8.50 more. The voucher is definitely active and hasn't expired. When I asked to speak to management I was told no one was available. I didn't go through the purchase and called Crust and ordered from them.
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