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1 review
29 November 2023
I wish I had read Dee's review on Google before seeing Julia. A complete waste of time and money. She doesn't listen to you, she goes off track, and she is absolutely solid on theories read in books and the latest studies rather than giving you practical tools to work with. Ridiculous. Do not waste your time and money as others have!
Christopher P.
28 November 2023
Alan is exceptionally friendly, helpful and efficient. Provided excellent and prompt assistance when we required it. Strongly recommended.
4 reviews
4 November 2023
Would highly recommend Paul and Challenge Motor Company for your next vehicle purchase. I found Paul to be very helpful, I went in looking to trade in my vehicle and purchase another and he made the process extremely stress free and easy. I found him to be honest and straight to the point which I appreciated.
2 reviews
Rocky N.
13 October 2023
I was recommended by a friend to go to PMN lawyers because he used them 25 years ago and said they were fantastic. Well, let me say a lot has changed they were wonderful and got me full of hope that i would be well looked after with them.........until you sign on the dotted line and if you try to go elsewhere, you have to first pay PMN lawyers bill so your stuck with them because they know you don't have the money to get out. They will settle at the first offer that they are happy with, so they
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Julie L.
13 October 2023
Unfortunately I didn't go with my gut. I let BD know about some weird stuff that was on their reviews. Found the guys very friendly and they did a quick job with what they were working with. These guys don't have their own electrician and had to recommend one for me. I found that really strange especially being a company that deals with electricity and for what you pay. Very unhappy with how things were measured without levels taken into consideration (I'm assuming that is the problem) Expected
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3 October 2023
I have just returned to work following my cervical fusion surgery carried out by Dr Zacest and his professional team at Calvary Hospital, Angus Street, and could not speak highly enough of the professionalism, effort, and most friendly staff, Dr Zacest and Judy. Both Dr Zacest and Judy were so approachable. They were encouraging and worked very hard to fulfill their promise to me and I felt nothing but confidence and ease when dealing with either of them. I am forever grateful for the effort made
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1 review
Damian p.
25 September 2023
Well I have been looking for a car for quite a while, mainly looking main north road and Adelaide region , anyway going to pickup a mate in the southern suburbs when I saw this Maddison motor company, any I stoped to look at a black Dodge nitro, I walked in and a gentleman came up to me and said are you having a great day weather wise , and I responded and said ye but not much with car ! And he said well I’m here to help what are you looking for , Dodge nitro turbo diesel, well, that what we have
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1 review
Alexander P.
10 September 2023
In my Supreme Court matter - a dispute over another law firms invoice, Leventis Lawyers (LL) - in conjunction with Arnold Costs Solicitors (ACS), got law WRONG from the outset. This was borne out by the Judge in her findings. This cost me THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars and months of my time unnecessarily. Furthermore, Leventis Lawyers I can PROVE ACTIVELY WORKED AGAINST ME - whilst telling me how they were, ''Here to help''!!! LL and AC conspired and colluded with Costa Law SA and McDonough
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1 review
8 September 2023
We had a terrible experience with Jumbo Learning. This included the tutor not turning up to a pre-arranged lesson and letters from her lawyer suggesting that we owed Jumbo learning tuition fees for the remainder of the year even though we terminated her services in term one. We had advice from the Consumer and Businesses Services and at around the time they were giving us advice, there were two other independent families seeking advice from Comsumer and Business Services because they were
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1 review
Wayne G.
7 September 2023
My daughters car had an engine dash light on. I had the car diagnosed at a couple of other places, they all came back with the same code number which was P0420. I watched the mechanic diagnosed the car and he showed me graphs display and was told that the bottom sensor on the cat converter wasn't working. I was quoted $323 so booked the car in, had the job done. 4 days later the dash light came on again, so rang them, they said to bring the car in and they will check it. So I took the car in again
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1 review
Christine T.
6 August 2023
Absolutely the best nail salon i have ever been to. They are friendly, professional. Highly recommend
Eleni K.
31 July 2023
One of the best fish and chips shop in the north of Adelaide. Without a doubt, awesome food and great customer service, will definitely be back for more amazing food. The girls work so hard and great food and price the food is always fresh, and the staff are always friendly. Would recommend to all.
1 review
Kerry H.
28 June 2023
They claim cancel at any time but after calling then trying to download form I was told I must complete I went in there personally and was led to believe it was all delt with. That was until months later I suddenly had two months worth of fees taken from my account and when speaking to the club manager was told she would cancel me from that day on but could not refund my money. She said accounts deals with that and said she could not give me any way of contacting 'accounts' as even she was not given
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1 review
Adam m.
18 June 2023
Got a new guy who totally botched my head, and was completely unconcerned about it. I pointed out to him how it was wrong, and not only did he dismiss my complaint with " but he didn't even show me the back of my head with a mirror before finishing (when I got home I discovered why!) and left clumps of cut hair on my forehead that I had to brush off. I think I just got a guy on his first day with no supervision
1 review
Robin B.
15 June 2023
What a lovely little shop. Even though mine is an online experience, I have been finding that my searching online, although endless in it's possibilities, has really seemed to lead me to some stores that I find to be a treasure along my way. The Eternal Spirit, I believe to be situated in South Australia, perhaps Adelaide; is a beautiful little Spiritual shop filled with crystals, precious stones, books and tarot cards. I was flattered to have been educated. As a vegan for many years now
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4 reviews
Karen H.
1 June 2023
I went to see Dr Chong because I have had tonsillitis for many years. Dr Chong operated and removed my tonsils and adenoids. My throat has now fully healed, and I feel fantastic. Big thank you to Dr Chong and his team for all of their professionalism and caring support. I would highly recommend his services.
1 review
Malik K.
22 May 2023
I like it 👍
1 review
Lizi W.
20 May 2023
Stay away from this builder. Our experience had been totally disappointing and frustrating. Two and a half years since contract was signed and building still not complete. No activity on the building for 13 months. Building inspector found major faults in what has been built thus far and nothing has been rectified. Tried to contact them month after month to no avail. They are currently under investigation by Consumer and Business Services. If you are about to sign a contract… WALK AWAY
2 reviews
13 April 2023
WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Came late. Damaged multiple walls. CONSTANTLY made excuses and REPEATEDLY attempted to avoid moving certain items because it was "too difficult for them". Here are just 3 (of many) examples: EXAMPLE 1: They refused to move the main bed because they couldn’t dismantle it (two nuts wouldn’t budge). I loosened it for them using their own tools. At the destination, they tried to get out of putting it together again unless we paid them extra. EXAMPLE 2: They wasted
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